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Decent anthology!

Down These Strange Streets - George R.R. Martin, Gardner R. Dozois, Joe R. Lansdale, Charlaine Harris

I'm a sucker for these UF anthologies.  I always fish in and usually end up liking only a handful of the stories.  Which was the case with this one.  With some I'd never read the series they were based on, so when I got lost I gave up on the stories.  Charlaine Harris' Dahlia story wasn't bad...probably a 2.5 to 3 star read.  Simon Green's John Taylor Nightside story was very mediocre.  However, Carrie Vaughn's story which gave us a look at Rick and his fairly recent past was VERY good.  I'd give it 4.5 stars.  Rick is one of my favorite characters in her Kitty universe.  I liked Diana Gabaldon's Lord John story, though I'm not familiar with the character at all. I've tried to get into her books in the past with no luck.  They just don't grab me.  Patricia Briggs' story dealt with Warren, one of favorites in the Mercy Thompson books, and his partner, Kyle, who has had zombie assassin sicced on him.  Great characters, good story.  If you're looking for some short stories to while away some time with, you could do much worse than this collection.