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Desolate Angel (A Dead Detective Mystery)

Desolate Angel - Chaz McGee I really enjoyed this book. Quite different. Kevin Fahey is a ghost. He was a lousy cop and an even lousier husband & father. Being dead has given him a different outlook. He has begun to see just what he missed out in his life by being a 3rd class person and is looking to try & redeem himself. If not in the eyes of the people who loved him once, to himself. He gets a second chance to try & make right a closed case in which the wrong man went to prison for a murder he didn't commit due to Kevin & his partner Danny's half-ass work. This was just a good book. Everyone deserves redemption if they can get it. Made me stop & think about all the things we take for granted everyday and what it might be like to see it from Kevin's side and know you don't get a do-over.