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State Fair (Benni Harper Mystery)

Wrecks and Rescues of the Great Lakes: A Photographic History - James P. Barry This is probably more like 3.5 stars, but since you can't do a half star it's 4. Has been too long since I last visited with Benni and company and while it was nice to catch up with them it just seemed a bit off for some reason. Since Aunt Garnet, Dove's sister, was in for a visit Dove wasn't her usual self which bothered me. And the murder, which appeared racially motivated, brought up issues that just don't seem to fit this series for me. Benni & Gabe are finally at a good place with their marriage and it was good to see a fair amout of Hud. And life is good for Emory & Elvia. This is probably my very favorite cozy mystery series, and while this was a welcome visit it just is far from my favorite.