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Dark and Stormy Knights

Dark and Stormy Knights - Carrie Vaughn, P.N. Elrod, Shannon K. Butcher, Lilith Saintcrow, Deidre Knight, Vicki Pettersson, Rachel Caine,  Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher Quite the disappointing collection, on the whole. The Jim Butcher story was okay, but there was no Harry! Liked the Carrie Vaughn story as it was about Cormac who is one of my favorite characters from her series. The Rachel Caine story was okay, but that's all. As was the P.N. Elrod Jack Fleming story. Guess that's the problem.....most everything was just okay. Most of the other stories I was unfamiliar with or I knew already I didn't like their stuff, like Vicki Pettersson. Think maybe I'll give up on these anthologies as they've gotten to be too hit or miss.