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Too Big to Miss (The Odelia Grey Mysteries)

Too Big to Miss - Sue Ann Jaffarian I came across this series quite by accident when I decided to visit the Midnight Ink website after reading Terri Thayer's first Dewey Pellicano Quilter's mystery. The company puts out a lot of great sounding mysteries! This is the first Odelia Gray mystery and it was a really good first outing. Odelia is a "plus-sized" forty-something paralegal in southern California. It looks like her friend Sophie has just committed suicide, but there are a lot of unanswered questions, and all kinds of things are coming to light about Sophie that none of her friends were even aware of. I read somewhere that Camryn Manheim had optioned the books for a TV series at one time. This character would be great for TV and I could see Camryn as Odelia. Have the rest of the series in The Pile and am looking forward to reading them all!