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Eternal: More Love Stories with Bite

Eternal: More Love Stories with Bite - P.C. Cast, Nancy Holder, Jeri Smith-Ready, Heather Brewer, Claudia Gray, Lili St. Crow, Rachel Caine This is really a 4.5 star read. Sure wish GR would get the 1/2 star capability! There really wasn't a bad story in the whole book, though I liked Heather Brewer's story the least. Loved Rachel Caine's Morganville story about Eve & Michael, but I'm a Morganville junkie anyway. Jeri Smith-Ready has quickly become one of my favorite UF authors and she didn't disappoint with her story. Claudia Gray's story about Patrice was excellent and I don't really care for Lili St. Crow, but I even liked her story. I've just gotten started with Nancy Holder's YA UF stuff and her story was good. After a wave of truly so-so UF anthologies, it's really nice to find a collection that I can recommend to anyone!