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Dog Tags - David Rosenfelt I never read this series until last year and it immediately became an instant favorite for me. I love Andy's wisecracks and the fringe characters, but what I love most is Andy's love for his dog.....or any dog for that matter! And the stories are always first rate. This one starts out with Andy petitioning the court for the release of Milo, a former K9 dog, who was retired into the hands of Billy Zimmerman. Billy was a former standup cop who volunteered for service in Iraq, and then got his leg blown off for his trouble. When he can't get back on the force when he comes home, or find anything else, he turns to theft with Milo as his accomplice. When he's on the scene of a shooting of a man who he essentially blames for the loss of his leg and Milo has taken an envelope from the same man just before he was shot, Billy is arrested for murder. This story involves the FBI, the US Army, the commodities trading business and super high finance. Great story!!