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Nightshade on Elm Street: A Flower Shop Mystery

Nightshade on Elm Street - Kate Collins This is probably a 3.5 star read, but I'm feeling generous today so I'm going the extra .5 star. I always enjoy a visit with the Flower Shop crew, but Abby got on my nerves a bit this time out. She wanted to completely plan her own bridal shower....no help from anyone. Felt like she was blowing off her family & friends. Now, isn't it an etiquette no-no to give yourself a shower??? Just my thought anyway. And it was going to be a really goofy shower, too! Was nice to get a look at Pryce, the guy who dumped her. Jillian was her usual silly self. I know some people find her annoying, but I get a giggle from her! Anyway, these books are a great way to "disappear" for awhile! RECOMMEND!