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Heard it Through the Grapevine (A Dead Sister Talking Mystery)

Heard It Through the Grapevine - Lizbeth Lipperman I've read this author's Clueless Cook series, and have found it to be terribly up and down, mostly down, with only the middle one in the trilogy being a good read. This one is kind of along the lines of books 1 & 3 in that series. There were a few likeable characters in this one, Colt being one of them, but the thing with his nearly, "OMG! How did I miss you the first time...now I want to be with you every waking moment", reaction to Lainey was SO not believable! Lots of "language" in here, too, which absolutely doesn't bother me, but it seemed that some of it was just there to make sure you were paying attention (Look at me! Look at me!! I dropped an F-bomb!). I understood that this wasn't a cozy going in, but if someone picks this up unwittingly expecting a cozy they're going to REALLY be surprised by the very descriptive, in most cases, sex talk! Again, that is something that usually doesn't bother me, but in several places it really detracted from the story with this one. Tessa, the victim and ghost here, was really not a nice person, and I found myself thinking more than once that she probably got what she deserved. I didn't guess the killer until almost the big reveal, but that and a couple of likeable characters wasn't nearly enough to save this one, or make me want to consider another in this series...if there is one!