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Killer in Crinolines (A Consignment Shop Mystery)

Killer in Crinolines - Duffy Brown The first book in this new series had some serious holes in it, so I hoped this one would improve on that. Well, it delivered! The great characters had me laughing out loud I don't know how many times. WAY more than the most recent Stephanie Plum book! Reagan's a good friend, the kind willing to go the extra mile to help a friend who's been wrongfully accused and her sidekick, Aunt Kiki, is a hoot! Boone's becoming quite the interesting character and I'll be looking forward to seeing what happens on that front. The Seventeenth Street gang is an excellent addition, too, and I hope they stay around. I definitely didn't see the ending coming. I like a book that has me guessing right up until the big reveal! RECOMMEND!!