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Malled to Death (A Mall Cop Mystery)

Malled to Death - Laura DiSilverio This is one of those series where I didn't really care much for the first book. Didn't intend to read anymore in the series, but am so glad I decided to pick up the 2nd one for whatever reason! I really enjoy the series now! EJ grew on me and I love her grandpa...and her movie star dad. That type of character could be so overbearing, but Ms. DiSilverio does a good job of humanizing him. This one had a great story, with EJ's dad's new movie shooting on location at the Fernglen Mall, when a member of the movie crew turns up dead, well almost dead when EJ finds her, in one of the mall's restrooms. I liked the addition of Jesse, a fellow wounded vet. I hope there is more about him in the next book, along with more about EJ & Jay's budding relationship! RECOMMEND!