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You make Me Feel So Dead (Rat Pack)

You make Me Feel So Dead - Robert Randisi This is probably 3.5 stars, but no 1/2 stars on GR, so I'm going for 4. Frank asks Eddie to do a favor for him and go talk to Colonel Tom Parker. Turns out Elvis is coming to town to promote Viva Las Vegas and since the Colonel has heard such good things about Eddie from Frank he'd like to hire him to "babysit" while Elvis is in town. Eddie being Eddie won't take money for it, but he agrees to kind of "show" Elvis around town while he's there. Elvis is nobody's fool and knows what the deal is, but he likes Eddie and they both end up involved in all kinds of things they hadn't bargained for. When Eddie's P.I. buddy asks him to tail his secretary and sometime girlfriend, Penny, Eddie calls his pal, Jerry, to come help him cover all his bases. When Danny gets arrested for murder everyone, including Elvis, Frank & Dino gets involved! Good tale with cameos from Ann-Margret & Momo Giancana to name a few! RECOMMEND!