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Paws For Murder: A Pet Boutique Mystery

Paws For Murder - Annie Knox I won a copy of this in a giveaway the author did on Facebook, in exchange for an honest review. This author had another series out a couple of years ago written under another name that I absolutely loved, so was anxious to dive into this one. The premise of a trendy pet clothing boutique sounded interesting since I'm a huge animal lover (I mostly like them WAY better than most people!). Izzy's on the rebound from a long-term love affair gone bad and decides to go into business for herself, with her best friend, Rena, as a "mostly" partner. When the towns crackpot activist shows up at the grand opening party to protest the business and then turns up dead in the alley behind the store later that night things get interesting. Especially when Rena becomes suspect #1. Izzy goes into detective mode to clear her friend's name and ends up working with Rena's lawyer, another old friend who she has an uncomfortable past with. There's no shortage of viable suspects in this one and though I figured out the bad guy about half way into the book that didn't detract from my enjoyment. The only thing I didn't like was the "feel" to Izzy's relationship with Sean. I hope that gets worked out a little better in the next one. It just seemed a bit off in this one. Great 1st outing for this new series! If the rest are half as good as your previous series, Ms. Knox, you've got a real winner! RECOMMEND!