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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green First off, this book is beautifully written, in some places it is actually poetic. It deserves more than the 3 stars I'm giving it just because of that. However, the way the book made me feel takes away from that. When I was in high school a girl I went to school with died of Hodgkin's disease (something no one dies of any more, but they surely did 42 years ago) and I saw first hand what it was like for her and what it did to those around her. I hadn't really thought about her much in recent years, but this book brought it back vividly. I even dreamed about it last night....I could see it, I could smell it, everything. I think I sincerely wish I hadn't read this book because today I can't get all of that out of my head. Maybe that's why this book is so powerful and maybe I should give it 5 stars.........but I can't. Neither Hazel or Augustus, or even Isaac is anything like the girl I knew. I'm sure these days that kids who are faced with what these characters are faced with are more like these characters. I truly hope they are as they all have strong coping mechanisms and I believe all the parents probably ring true. I would never want to be any of them, this I know for sure. I can see why this book has had the impact it has and if you're thinking about reading it...you probably should. I'll just leave it at that.