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The Double (Spero Lucas)

The Double - George Pelecanos Let me start by saying that Pelecanos is one of my favorite writers. In my book, he can do very little wrong.....but I wasn't crazy about this book. The previous Spero Lucas book, THE CUT, wasn't one of Pelecanos' best, IMHO, and this one didn't do anything to strengthen my opinion of Spero. I just really don't like him. On the whole this wasn't a bad tale, but I had a major problem with his obsession with a woman who was just SO wrong. The fact that he comes across as a strong, self-reliant type, but he was ate up with this woman so immediately just didn't ring true for me. For him to think he stood a chance where she was concerned and to let this obsession overrule so much......couldn't buy it and it totally detracted from what might have been a really good read for me. More of a 2.5 star book for me, but you can't do 1/2 stars and I just can't bring myself to give Pelecanos 2 stars.