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Red Rising

Red Rising - Pierce Brown First off, let me say I really liked this book. Secondly, let me say I'm not really sure why. Women seemed to me to be very low 2nd class, if not 3rd class, in this book. Yes, there is a female who is a leader of the Golds, but I'm not sure that she's not a puppet. I mean women get the shaft - a LOT - in this book, starting with Darrow's long-suffering wife, Eo. She dies so he can be a hero. Then there's a lot of rape going on, don't get me started on that. But hidden within all this is a really good story. Darrow has the makings of a good hero, but it remains to be seen just exactly where & to what this will lead him. Anyway, will look forward to the next installment....if not all the Roman & Greek names!! Those drove me to distraction! On the whole, RECOMMEND!